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Arabian magic. Arabic spell. Arab love spells. Arab Black Magic. muslim magic spell, islamic spell

Arabian magic. Arabic spells. Arab love spells. Arab Black Magic. muslim  magic spell, islamic spells

The main part of Arabia – the steppe, desert and semi-desert, with only a small part of the land was suitable for farming activities. Most of the peninsula’s population were nomadic Bedouins who called themselves Arabs – the word “Arab” means “a dashing horseman.”
Like all nations without exception, the Arabs had strong belief in the supernatural in magic. About staroarabskih pre-Islamic Arabian magic cults is little known. Most Arabs VI – VII centuries beginning. were pagans politeistami.V among them there were numerous Jewish and Christian Coptic sects. Thus, the pre-Islamic Arabs were magic is a unique fusion of ancient beliefs of the Arabs and the Jews, the Egyptian mysteries.
With the advent of Islam belief in magic is not lost. Islam – the religion of the future world – originated among nomadic tribes and had a very strong impact on the countries of the East, spread rapidly and was accepted by all the inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula. Islam, which proclaimed the first years of its existence, a merciless struggle against all gods other than Allah, it never was able to do with a belief in magic, as well as a whole host of minor magical creatures worshiped by the ancient Arabs before and believe that to this day . Throwing from the territory of the Meccan temple – the Kaaba of all idols and idols of God and proclaiming the one God, the first Muslims left alone demons and efreet genies. Belief in these spirits are so strong in the Arab nations, even the almighty Allah, I could not do anything about it. I had to admit their existence. They often appear in the holy book of Islam – the Qur’an as beings who inhabit the world together with people and have human features and human physiology.
Islamic- arab  magic evolved hand-in-hand with the Arab civilization. The first caliphs of Syria, Egypt, Spain and translated into Arabic, an enormous amount of Roman, Greek and other sources. In the famous universities of Kairouan, Cordoba and Baghdad serious researchers studied medicine, magic, and alchemy. Jewish and Chaldean magical beliefs were subjected to scrutiny. Arab-Islamic magic, having absorbed the diverse culture of the Persians, Syrians, Copts (the original inhabitants of Egypt), the Jews, the people of Central Asia and elsewhere – in the main remained united. This leading link was Islam.

In many ways, the Qur’an, the Arabian sages believed that any form of magic is undeniable force. Due to intense intellectual activity, aimed at studying various occult systems, an incredible number of talismans and other miraculous things. Start with the fact that every Muslim is trying to get the Koran, had the capacity to protect the house from evil and misfortune. More than that – a piece of paper, a piece of cloth or leather with verses from the Quran as the best talisman that brings good luck.
But the Quran, of course, is not limited. In the East, there are many other charms and amulets. It is very important, what they are made of. For protection from the evil eye damage and are considered the strongest made of precious metals – gold, silver, and gold charms, as they shine distracting owner evil eye. In Algeria and Iran on the neck children often hang palm image of the alloy of seven metals – gold, silver, copper, iron, zinc, lead and tin with blue beads – “hand of Fatima” – on behalf of the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad. It is believed that the “hand of Fatima”, as well as other charms – flat twin silver frog, silver brooches, cowrie shells – protect people from the evil eye, from thieves and even evil people.
Talismans produced in strictly certain days and had the ability to subordinate symbolic spirits. People who want to sow discord, produced talisman square at a time when the moon is in the constellation Aries. Round mascot, made at the same time, will help find the treasure. Travelers take on the road with a triangular iron mascot with the word ALCHATAY and black sign of Taurus, which cures many diseases. ATHANNA, made of an alloy of iron and copper in the form of a crescent, and decorated with the sign of Gemini, helping precipitate. This talisman was also used “black” magic to destroy crops and vengeance. ALDIMAH, which has the same shape as the previous mascot, brings love and friendship. Many signs had to be written in black ink on white paper, which were with him everywhere. When the sun or moon will be included in the appropriate zodiacal constellation will manifest hidden properties of a talisman, which will benefit the owner. Very afraid of the evil eye and they explain many phenomena in life – from disease to crop failure. It was believed that the power of the evil eye is magnified if it is accompanied by a malevolent or, conversely, too flattering speeches. So evasiveness raised in speeches, a tendency to permanent reservations: “By the will of Allah,” a desire to hide from others for a blank wall his private family life. This influenced the style of clothing, especially, women: women were deaf Front covers and fairly shapeless dresses, almost completely hiding the figure.

Propensity to divination, and many other features of the mentality of the inhabitants of the Middle East, were found before the adoption of Islam and lived there during the Middle Ages, and going in recent times. Great importance in the Arab world was given to dreams, there believe in prophetic dreams, and in the beginning of XI century. Ad-Dinawari was first Dream in Arabic. Think and thinking the dreams are not allowed: “The man who lies about his dreams in the day of the uprising Dead” – said in the Quran. Divination by means of dreams was to look into the future. In addition, guessed the signs in the sand (geomancy), throwing stones with symbols on the flight of birds, above all, by the flight of ravens and eagles, and were confident that the vulture, ostrich, pigeon and owl portend disaster. The desire to look into the unknown and lead to employment in magic and fortunetelling. Attitude towards magic was ambiguous: grant a white or high magic resorted to good men for noble purposes. In this they were helped by the angels of heaven and the good jinn, who converted to Islam. Arabian Black magic, believed in the Arab world, engaged in dishonest people, and their helpers were evil devils.
Propensity to divination, and many other features of the mentality of the inhabitants of the Middle East, were found before the adoption of Islam and lived there during the Middle Ages, and going in recent times.

One main aspect of Muslim magic – attempts to subjugate the jinn and use their ability to perform miracles. Still widely popular book-guide to conquer jinns. And as with gin must be able to communicate properly, it is best to trust the expert. Warlocks are very common in the East, although officially it is not advertised.
According to Muslim tradition, Allah created three kinds of intelligent beings: angels are created from light, the jinn are created from fire, and people created from the ground. Jinn were created from smokeless fire black for a few thousand years before Adam. According to the ideas of Muslims, gin – this aerial beings with a transparent body, which can take various forms. “First, they are in the form of clouds, then they are sealed, and the form becomes visible, getting shape of the person or animal.
Jinnah in something like the people they are mortal, though they can live a very long time, many hundreds of years, they need food, can be married to each other or to the people. In many ways, however, they were superior person can fly, to penetrate deep into the earth and water, become visible and invisible, to turn around different people, animals, plants.
Jinnah could be good and bad, good converted to Islam, the evil were wrong, but the person should be wary of both the others. Most ferocious demons, devils called Maridi, according to legend Maridi were cursed and expelled from Paradise. But later outwitted the elements of Earth, left the world of shadows and re-settled in the Kingdom of Light. They had to be very wary of. In addition, the bloodthirsty and malicious were Ifrit – a huge winged creature of fire, male and female, who live underground. Ifrit are mentioned in the Quran, in Surah 27:39-40 Naml and the Hadith as “Ifrit of the Jinn” (“the strongest of the Jinn”). Cemeteries and other places inhabited abandoned desert hairy werewolves ghouls, always ready to gobble up a lone traveler. Favorite seat genies – the ruins of buildings, water tanks, rivers, springs, intersections of roads and markets. Egyptians say that tornadoes of columnar vzvihrennogo arise in the desert sand from flying evil genie. And they say that falling stars – this boom, which Allah throws the evil jinn.
In general, in the Arab world believe that jinn wait for a man at every turn. Belief in the Jinn so permeates the whole life of the Arabs, it is impossible to find anything not related to her. Jinnah involved in food and drink – food disappears with little more than it actually swallowed man (and do not you ever felt?). Loss of things in the house, too, is credited with evil spirits, and if Lost thing is, we say that the jinn took it on loan for a while. They are to blame for the fact that a person gets lost – his “lead” the same jinn. Therefore, even in the daily humdrum of life should be on guard: so before lighting a fire in the hearth, or to get water from the well, it should ask for Allah’s protection from the jinn.

We are mostly known only ceremonial side of Islam and Muslim life. The presence of various magical rites for Muslims is not advertised. For a true Muslim Allah – the supreme authority punishes and merciful. God is so powerful, that any evil forces that use the wizards and witches, do not go with him to any comparison. Therefore, to seek their assistance should be only minor problems. And then do it in secret, so as not to incur the wrath of Allah. And not to be tempted to still appeal to magic, the Qur’an warns that pushes people to the magic of the devil. So it’s best not to mess with the supernatural. However, Muslim magic exists. Faith in the power of genies that have remained in the Arab peoples from pagan times, and often affects the daily lives of both Arabs and the nations where Islam spread. A characteristic feature of Muslim magic lies in the fact that, like Islam, it has absorbed much of the arsenal of the European and Asian, particularly Indian and Tibetan, sorcerers, magicians and miracle workers. And in our day magical tools are used not only in everyday life, but even in the large-scale political conflict.
The magic of the ancient Arabs, like modern Arab-Muslim magic, does not share the magic of the colors – black, white, gray, etc. Ancient masters believed that magic (Arabic ‘ilm algayb “-” secret knowledge “) can be used for different purposes: to light the love and passion in the heart of a loved one, to punish the enemy to get wealth to protect themselves. There is no magic good nor bad, neither black nor white. There is only your desire, the intention is to carry out the desire and the strength with which this desire can become a reality. No wonder the literal translation of the Arabic word “witchcraft” (Sychrov) means “change the true nature of things.” A judge, for better or worse, the Arab magicians considered the prerogative of the higher powers.

Arab magic is divided into two types: kuvva manna-Ashi daahili – “pure magic inner power” – the power coming from the magician, and that does not require the invocation of spirits and various talismans, artifacts, and other magical devices. This force is neither evil nor good. This force has dedicated magicians.

Another view – kuvva tolsman haaridzhi – “objective magic external power” – the power to enter into contact with the external forces and use various objects of power. Use that power can and uninitiated.

It is also necessary to mention the magical use of the Koran. The modern Middle East are common following Quranic Magic
– Ilm al-Hawass, the science of the properties of letters and numbers (abdzhad, Jafr, huruf) Divine Names (al-Asma al-Husna);
– Ilm al-rukya – the science of using incantations and spells;
– Ilm al-filaktyrat – the art of making talismans;
– Ilm al-fa l – the science of signs;
– Ilm al-chicken and – the interpretation of the value of the text itself;
– Ilm Tamim – the use of verses of the Qur’an as talismans.

To date, there are many verses and even individual verses are used as amulets from dealing damage, disease and nightmares, finding treasures, to attract a lover, etc. Very often, these verses are placed in charms and magical seals.

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