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Symptoms of Black magic, Signs, symptoms, effects curses, evil eye, sihr. Voodoo magic symptoms

How to identify a curse on man, let’s talk in this article. I am a witch Reddy, has repeatedly offered different, are effective methods, but a lot of them, to eliminate negative energy and remove destructive program can be using completely different methods.

Today let’s talk about how to identify a curse on the man with the candle.

You can diagnose the curse of the chakras. All the negative information depends on the energy centers of man; chakra located at the perineum (1) pubes (2), the navel (3), solar plexus (4), clavicle depression (5), the nose (6), the crown (7) . 1, 2, 3 chakras are responsible for sexual relations, 4, 5, 6, 7 – for work, consistency, general business. Take the small church candle and hold it over the patient’s head for 5-10 seconds, then repeatedly raise and lower the candle. Hold a candle to the patient’s nose, so wait a bit and pull the spark plug itself. Do so with all the other chakras. Crackle candle indicates the local violation of the chakras, that is, the evil eye. Soot, stretching over a candle, indicates the presence of a destructive program – a curse.

All over the field – as an effective method to determine the curse on man.

Slowly bypass patient, holding a candle at a distance of 50-70 cm from it. Take a step, draw a candle from ear level to the floor. Take another step. So 2 – 3 laps. If the patient has a curse – you will see it right away. In place of the body affected exactly burning candle starts popping, smoke, spray or wax expire. May change and painting flames of orange and gold, it will be red. In the event of a large magic appears sharp, unpleasant odor. The larger the area of negative energy, consequently, the greater damnation.

With the help of candles can be defined and curse at you. However, this is not for every day. This can be done at the full moon, in the week between Christmas and Epiphany, a week before Easter, a week after the Trinity, in the period from June 22 to July 7 (in those days the sun passes through the first half of the zodiacal sign of Cancer), two weeks before the Assumption ( from 14 to 28 August) and a week after the Nativity of the Virgin (from 21 to 28 September). Inspection is carried out as follows: in the astronomical midnight (from one to two nights in the winter, and from two to three – in the summer) Cover the table with a clean white cloth and put a candle on a wooden stand. Sit so that the candle was at a distance of 25-30 cm from your eyes. Light a candle, and 5 minutes to look at the flame. Then analyze its condition. Quiet flat flame indicates the absence of failures in your personal life in the near future. Dull Flame gives information about the presence of the evil eye. Bright flame peremigivaniem means a better life. If the flame is very bright, crackling, then there is a negative, and of any kind, which has not yet emerged.

Particular attention should be paid to the color of the flame. Yellow means joy, yellow and red – profit in the near future, smoky flame – is, of course, a curse, and all kinds. See and how guttering candle. If the wax flows evenly in all directions, then the events in the near future will develop smoothly. If the wax dripping from your hand – this is a harbinger of good luck in money matters, or love. Wax flows away from you – the curse of the evil eye or to the family fortune, or “crown of celibacy.”

If the candle guttering to the right – to the best work, the left – most likely, there is the evil eye, which lead to failure in finance. The main thing you need to understand: a quiet and smooth or slightly winking yellow flames reliably shows that the curse of the evil eye on you or not. In other cases, the answers are inaccurate and doubts remain to be solved by resorting to other methods for the determination of the curse on the man.

What signs and symptoms  of the curse, evil eye, black magic  man may face the idea that all the trouble going on with him, have a mystical character? Curse – such forcible introduction of negative human energy structure-based program at the destruction and the destruction of the victim, and – it is always intentional infliction of harm. The main tool of mining negative program – pumping energy victim loses vitality, quickly weakened, reduced the overall areas of life. This makes the sorcerer, as untrained person to do such a difficult job with the desired effect, and without destructive consequences for themselves, it is impossible.

What signs are the curse of the evil eye and the person:

1. Causeless anxiety, depression;
2. Chronic fatigue, lack of zest for life;
3. Nightmares, restless sleep, insomnia;
4. Fatigue, drowsiness;
5. Fear of loud, sharp sounds;
6. Unfounded, enduring sense of fear;
7. Obsessive thoughts, suicidal;
8. Loss of interest in life, a sharp change in priorities and interests;
9. Inability to diagnose new diseases;
10. Extreme changes in body temperature, the patient throws it in the hot and cold;
11. Feeling of impending death;
12. Loss of fortune;
13. Potency problems;
14. Lack of interest in the work;
15. Heavy bleeding that is difficult to stop;
16. Frequent fainting;
17. Discomfort in the temple;
18. Home spoils holy water brought from the church;
19. Tainted closed in itself;
20. Fear of loneliness, the feeling of being near someone invisible;
21. The loss of gold items;
22. On the body are broken gold chains;
23. Frequent breakdown of household appliances;
24. Craving for alcohol, which over time increases;
25. Illness or death of farm animals, indoor plants;
26. Invasion of the home of cockroaches, flies, mice, and so on.;
27. Someone else’s cat, always sitting on your doorstep;
28. Increased aggression street dogs.

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