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Tarot reading. Divination. Methods of divination

Fortune telling has always been an integral part of a mythological cult. The Latin word divinatio (divination) is a request to the gods.

Divination was a profession, and in ancient China – just like the honorable post office clerk or tax collector.


By the way, the alphabet is also considered a gift from the gods, so from its inception was used in divination, magic and esoteric purposes.

More recently, the priests of the Jews blamed divination and fortune telling, but recognized prophets.

Chinese philosophers, on the contrary, did not recognize the prophets, but continued to wonder.

What is surprising: after Voltaire, Diderot, and Helvetius, which entered the textbooks as an ardent materialists follow judiciously Lomonosov and the Marquis de Laplace, in the spiritual world of Europe joined the Masons and Rosicrucians, and Martinist Illuminati Cagliostro brilliant and enigmatic Count of St. Germain and the wonderful French Marie Lenormand fortune teller.

Then (XVIII century) intensified and Roma divination. Roma, mainly used two of the simplest methods of divination: Divi’s hand and cartomancy tarot.

A third, more difficult way – through telepathic divination penetration in the time continuum of the questioner. He depended on the availability of skills, and therefore used and rarely used.

In general, the gypsy fortune-telling tradition, surviving lift two hundred years ago, since then almost did not develop – it did not have strong theoretical.

Now revived interest in divination.

What is a divination from a modern point of view, as well as various methods of divination:

divination on paper
Tarot reading
divination by playing cards
meaning of tarot cards for divination
divination Lenormand


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